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2D inkjet printing industry ushered in 3D molding applications

UV-curable inkjet printing is one of the main imaging platforms for making wide-format images. Compared with solvent-based ink, UV curing inkjet more health and safety advantages, and high production efficiency, almost instantaneous curing, super-strong, widely used in a variety of printing media.

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The reasonable use of inkjet ink

In the current era of high-speed development of the marking industry, clean inkjet printer supplies become the main user needs, in order to allow users to better experience the advantages of the use of imported inkjet printer today, Jilin Weiker and We talk about inkjet printer and supplies those things, for inkjet ink, we should be quite familiar with the daily inkjet printer in the use and maintenance process, we are inseparable from the inkjet printer supplies is the use of ink and solvents , In the use and processing, we need to pay attention to what things can make our work more smoothly, Pen Maji run more stable?

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UV technology will become the first choice for more and more label printing companies

The world's demand for UV printing is rising, especially in Europe, the United States and Latin America. According to European equipment manufacturers expect: UV models will reach an annual growth rate of 7%, UV drying device annual growth rate of 10%, UV ink and glazing oil growth rate of the fastest, will reach 14% Of the ink manufacturers statistics, the local market every year, UV ink and varnish consumption are about 15% growth, this figure is almost the traditional offset printing market, the annual growth rate of ink supplies 10 times.

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Explore the cause of jamming of printing machine nozzles

Why is the nozzle of the machine blocked? Spraying the machine when the nozzle does not ink, resulting in lack of color content screen, usually called "nozzle plug", is the impact of picture quality and yield of the main factors. Of course, "plug" is also a variety of reasons, generally have the following circumstances

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