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Introduction to ink for digital inkjet printing

2017-08-31 12:30:12

Digital inkjet printing in two ways, one is based on high-precision nozzle YMCIC inkjet printing, that is, dot matrix; the other is pre-mixed way, the dye pre-mixed into a certain color and spray onto the fabric.

In order to obtain high-precision and smooth light-colored transition colors when printing in the YMCK way, high resolution (alpine p) must be used,Eco Solvent Ink which requires a small fineness of the nozzles and a high demand for ink, Improve the speed of inkjet more difficult, but the use of the number of dyes is relatively small, the basic color is four colors.

Pre-mixed way on the nozzle of the fineness is not high, 180dP can meet the general requirements, 360dP can get very fine printing effect, printing products close to the printing style, because the nozzle diameter, the dye requirements are not high.

After the digital inkjet printing will be developed in these two directions to meet the different requirements of users.

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