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What are the technical requirements for active inkjet ink?

2017-08-22 09:23:12

Active inkjet ink technical requirements
1, fluency: no crooked needle, keep the line, not blocking the nozzle.
● ink droplet size: Picoliter (pl) slightly increased
● general 5-40 picoliter (pl)
● Auxiliary tool: ink drop observation system
2, put a night in the nozzle. The nozzle is not clogged
● Detection at 10, 25, and 35 ° C, respectively.
3, the surface tension (ST) Surface tension:
● ST high: print quality is better.
● ST low: fluency is better.
● When necessary, the surfactant is fine-tuned.
4, viscosity Viscosity: viscosity does not change with time (very important) and the nozzle
● Epson: about 4cps
● Industrial head: 8-12cps or even higher
● fast, low viscosity; easy to produce ink.
5, the proportion
6, ink life
● first-in first-out first
● place a long time to increase the proportion of hydrolysis, color change after washing
7, the environment
● Relative humidity: 60% -80%
● Temperature: 15-30 ° C

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