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|Leather Printing Ink

We have advanced design concepts, rich industry experience, stable production capacity and perfect management system, as a Chinese manufacturer, we provide customers with quality products, reasonable prices, fast logistics and secure services. In this directory, please let us know more about Leather printing ink,Leather digital printing ink,ECO solvent Ink,eco solvent ink cartridge,eco solvent dye ink.

Leather Printing Ink

Wide application, suitable for various types of leather digital printing, like PVC leather, PU leather, semi-PU leather, TPU film, etc; Ensure high-speed continuous printing of fluency and stability by the micron-level fine filter ; Meeting EU RoHS environmental protection standards , passing ATC authority of professional testing; With a strong scratch resistance, water washing fastness can be up to 4-5 levels by SGS testing; No smell, more environment-friendly! Quick drying, more user friendly!

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